Avior FG Base Station

This video demonstrates the  ability to utilize  Avior FG software as a hardware/software-in-the-loop simulation tool. Avior FG provides a variety of powerful features to help the developer visualize the interaction between the flight control system, the environment and the resulting flight path. Note how the trajectory markers record the accuracy and repeatability of maneuvers.


Avior FG Base Station combines the best available hardware and software components in a package that simplifies mission design and execution. And you can develop, troubleshoot, and perfect your system with the hardware/software-in-the-loop simulation functions of Avior FG — a full-featured tool for mission control and systems development.

Base Station

Base Station Hardware:

  • IMU based stabilization and flight control — 15-state Kalman filter provides accurate roll, pitch, and “true” yaw angle estimates
  • Ruggedized laptop computer
  • Packaged in portable, rugged and waterproof cases
  • Self-contained power supply
  • Base station software:

Base Station Software:

  • Real-time moving map
  • Interactive route creation
  • Supports pre-programmed routes and “pattern routes” that can be relocated (in flight) relative to a reference point
  • Glass cockpit-style instrumentation
  • Live 3d flight visualization
  • Extensive logging options available (both onboard and on-ground)
  • Sophisticated data replay and visualization system


  • Autopilot computes a number of internal parameters that can be sent to a payload package: accurate location, and true attitude estimate — including yaw (critical for camera pointing applications), accurate local wind vector estimate, accurate true airspeed estimate
  • Variety of communication interfaces available: UART, Ethernet, and USB

Research & Engineering

  • Significant portions of the firmware code base are licensed under the LGPL (open-source compatible)
  • Firmware is compiled with the GCC toolchain
  • Hooks can be provided for extending the firmware to support custom modules or to interface with custom payload packages
  • Open APIs, open & documented logging file formats, open & documented telemetry protocol
  • Hooks and interfaces to Avior FG which can be used to model and simulate the airframe, prototype flight control systems and higher level mission programming
  • The autopilot firmware can be compiled as a standalone application that can run on a PC and interface to Avior FG for software in-the-loop testing
  • The autopilot firmware running on the Avior hardware can be configured to talk to  Avior FGS via a network connection for hardware in the loop testing


  • The extensive flexibility and connectivity of the Avior autopilot along with the open-source Avior FG flight simulator can be leveraged for pilot training, demos, and mission planning
  • The built in scripting system offered by Avior FG offers the ability to script training scenarios from basic to advance