OTR-600 Air-deployable Buoy


The small 600 buoy series from Ocean Trek Research is designed to fit inside a small unmanned aircraft (www.atiak.com) where it can be autonomously released, either upon detection of a target in the water or at a predetermined location. While originally conceived to act as a “marker” for tracking the movement of marine debris, the design is adaptable for a variety of uses including deployment by hand. Roughly the size of a grapefruit, the 600 series uses the Inmarsat satellite network for bi-directional communications. The end-user interacts with the buoy via a personal and secure web page; where buoy data can be viewed on an interactive map and a series of commands can be sent to the buoy (e.g. alter the reporting frequency, poll for position, turn a sensor or light on…) Due to the size, limited internal and external sensors can be accommodated.


  • High Accuracy GPS Positioning
  • INMARSAT D+ Satellite Network
  • Internal Sea Surface Temperature probe
  • Bi-directional Communications
  • Alkaline or Lithium Batteries
  • Fully Integrated with Custom Web-based Mapping Software
  • High Intensity Recovery Beacon
  • Standby, Operational and Recovery modes
  • Magnetic Power Switch


  • Tether Attachment (bridle line affixed to the buoy)
  • Wet-matable Connector for Exterior Sensor Communications
  • Customize Your Sensor Package Working with our Experienced Engineers



  • 114 mm (4.5 in) total height
  • 142 mm (5.6 in) width (top)
  • 0.38 kg (.84 lbs) positive buoyancy in sea water
  • 1.06 kg (2.34 lb) in air
  • Pressure resistant to 5 meters depth


  • INMARSAT D+ Sat 202 satellite modem
  • GPS 50 channel <1sec hot/29 sec cold acquisition
  • Operating temperature -40 to 70 C
  • Private, digitally encoded data burst signals
  • Programmable
  • Internal SST thermistor
  • Fully integrated with custom on-line mapping software